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When you are ready to have your rug cleaned, you must locate a company who can provide the service. You want to choose someone experienced and someone who has a passion for rugs. Here at Carpet and Rug Cleaning Garden City, we have a passion for rugs, and we know what we are doing. Our team provides wonderful service and we have been in business for more than seven decades. We will care for your rug the right way!

Carpet cleaning service


We offer the best service in the business and when you choose to work with our team, you will be working with experts who are committed to making sure your rug is spotless and smells fresh. Our team offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Carpet cleaning price


We know that price can always be a concern for customers so that is why we have worked hard to provide some of the most competitive prices. We can also work within your budget to get your rug cleaned as well.

Carpet cleaning process


We never use any machines. Our team uses a specialized handwashing and drying process to ensure your rug is properly cleaned and dried for the best results.


My rug is pretty heavily soiled. Are you sure you can clean it?

yes. our experts use the best products and cleaning techniques to remove all dirt and stains from your rug. whether your rug is heavily soiled or not, we can get it as clean as can be.

Will you transport and deliver my rug for me? I have no way to do it myself.

Yes. We offer FREE pickup and delivery of your rug, so you never have to worry about transporting it yourself.

I need to have a hole repaired on my rug. Is this something you do?

Yes. We offer many different rug repairs to include re-stitching, reweaving, and more. If your rug is in need of a repair, give us a call.


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Rugs tend to get dirty over time, especially when they are in an area that is considered to be high traffic.

The dirt often becomes stuck in the fibers of the rug itself and can lead to odors. Before you look to toss the rug out, do take a moment to reach out to our team.

We specialize in professional rug cleaning in Garden City and can get your rug both spotless and odorless.

We work hard to preserve the beauty of your rug at the same time. If you would like to receive a quote,
call us today at 516-708-0195.

Rug cleaning


Carpet Cleaning

Do you know what could be hiding in the fibers of your wall-to-wall carpet? Most people do not. Allergens, dirt, mites, and bacteria can be present in your carpet and are tracked into your home on your shoes.

If your carpets are dirty, now is a great time to have them cleaned. Our professionals offer affordable and quick carpet cleaning that will leave your home’s carpets free from any dirt and odors.

The products we use are safe for use in your home and we are confident you will be happy with your carpets.


Did you find damage on your rug? If so, do not panic and do not throw your rug out.

While you may not have known it, repairs can be made to your rug to repair it and breathe new life back into it.

Our team is not only experienced but trained in all types of minor and major repair work for your rug.

We will create a repair and restoration plan with you to ensure your rug looks the way it did when it was new.
Want to learn more? Call us today at 516-708-0195.

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Want to have your rugs cleaned today? Reach out to the rug cleaning experts in Garden City today at 516-708-0195!