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When you are ready to start looking for a rug cleaning company, it is important that you look for one that has experience caring for rugs. You do not want to hire someone inexperienced as they may ruin your rug or use the wrong process to clean it leading to your rug needing repairs. At Carpet and Rug Cleaning Lindenhurst, we provide you with quality services and our handwashing stations allow us to get your rug spotless and fresh smelling in no time.

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When you choose to work with us, our team will work one on one with you to provide you with wonderful service. We offer free pickup and delivery of your rug and our team can perform a cleaning, repairs, and restorations too.

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It is no wonder customers continue to turn to us. We have the lowest, best, and most competitive prices on the market. Our team will work with you to make sure the cleaning fits within your budget. We also offer monthly specials too.

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Your rug will never see a machine in our facility. In fact, we handwash all rugs and use the best products and methods to get your rug spotless and odorless.


Does your facility offer free pickup and delivery of my rug?

Yes. Our experts will properly transport your rug to our facility to be cleaned and then deliver your rug back to your location once it is clean.

Do you clean every rug the same way each time?

No. We understand that rugs are unique and there are no two that are identical. We take the time to study your rug and determine the best cleaning method and products to use on it. We always handwash ALL rugs that come to our facility.

Are the products you use considered to be safe for in my home?

Yes. The products that we use on your rug are not harsh and are considered safe for homes with pets and children in them.


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A dirty rug in your home can be an eyesore and detract from the natural beauty of the rug.

When you do have a rug that is dirty, it needs to be cleaned. Our team is able to provide you with the rug cleaning services needed to ensure a spotless and odorless rug.

Our facility is equipped with the proper washing stations and areas to properly clean your rug and remove all stains and spots. We use specialized products that are designed for your rug.

We never place your rug into a machine because we know how dangerous the machine can be. Our team takes good care of your rug when it is in our facility.

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Carpet Cleaning

Have you noticed the carpet in your home is stained or is not the color it used to be? It happens.

When you turn to us though, you can enjoy clean carpets that look, smell, and feel new again.

We are the professional carpet cleaning crew and our team will lift stains and odors from your carpet in no time to ensure you have a beautiful carpet that provides cushion to your feet and is healthy for you and your family to sit or lay on.

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What do Oriental, antique, Kilims, wool, silk, and Persian rugs all have in common? They are very delicate and can damage easily.

If damage occurs to your rug, it is important that you immediately call a professional to provide repairs.

Our team has decades of experience making necessary repairs and restorations to all type of rugs. We specialize in re-stitching, reweaving, adding loops, fringe replacement, and much more.

No matter the type of repairs and restorations you need, we will make it happen. Restoring your rug is our number one goal.

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