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Choosing a rug cleaning company to work with is a huge decision and one that you do not want to take lightly. It is important that you choose someone who is committed to quality and caring for your rug properly. Here at Carpet and Rug Cleaning Nassau County, we do exactly that. We focus on your rug, the fibers of the rug, and the age of the rug as we choose the correct techniques and products to us.

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Working with our team will put a smile on your face. We offer some of the best services in town. Our team picks up and delivers your rug free of any charge. In addition to cleaning your rug, we also make repairs and perform restorations too.

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We have worked hard to keep our prices low and competitive for our customers. We invite you to call to learn about our specials and how you can save money. Our team can assist you in receiving service that fits into your budget.

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Your rug will never be placed into a machine when at our facility. We handwash all rugs and we use only the best methods and products to get your rug spotless.


How much will it cost to have my rug cleaned?

It depends. There are many factors that go into the cost to have your rug cleaned. We do work hard to keep our prices competitive and we can provide you with a FREE quote for service.

Will my Oriental rug even last that long? Is it worth cleaning?

Oriental rugs can last generations when taken care of properly. Determining whether your rug is worth cleaning is a personal choice, but, of course, we believe all rugs are worth cleaning.

How can I tell that I need to have my rug cleaned?

There are several ways to tell that your rug needs to be cleaned. For starters, if it has not been cleaned in a while, it needs to be. If you find that your rug is dirty, stained, or has odors, it should be cleaned.


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The rug you have in your home was likely an investment or a family heirloom. It is important that you provide the rug with the care it needs to preserve its value and beauty.

Over time, dirt, bacteria, and allergens become trapped in the rug itself and lead to problems such as stains, spots, and even mildew or illness in the home.

It is vital that you have your rug cleaned often and our team can do it for you.

We handwash all rugs here in our facility and use only the best products designed for your specific rug.

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Carpet Cleaning

Whether the carpet in your home is three years old or eight years old, it is important that you are having it cleaned regularly to prevent stains and odors.

Our team offers you professional and affordable wall-to-wall carpet cleaning in Nassau County.

We use the best techniques and products to ensure your home’s carpets are free from any and all dirt and odors.

You will find that your carpet feels plush when we are done with it. Do you want to learn more?
Reach out to us today at 631-230-0243!


Rugs, by design, are very delicate and can become damaged, especially when they age. If you have noticed that your rug has any damage to it, it is crucial that you reach out to us.

The quicker you get the damaged repaired, the less extensive the damage will become.

Our team specializes in all types of rug repair and restoration in Nassau County and can bring your rug back from the dead.

Our rug care experts are patient and understand your rug fully to provide the best possible services.

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