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As you start to look around for a rug cleaning company, it is imperative that you look for someone who knows what they are doing. Here at Carpet and Rug Cleaning Oyster Bay, we are passionate about rugs and we take care of them. We use the best techniques and processes to get a spotless clean for you. We also offer repairs and restorations too.

Carpet cleaning service


Our experts work closely with you to make sure that your rug not only gets cleaned but is well cared for while it is in our care. We are passionate about rugs and it shows in our service.

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With the best, most competitive, and lowest prices, it is no wonder that customers choose us again and again. Our team works hard to fit rug cleaning into your budget so that you can enjoy a rug that is spotless and smells fresh.

Carpet cleaning process


We handwash all rugs that come into our facility. We choose the best products and techniques based on the unique features of your rug. We will never machine wash your rug.


Do you offer repairs for rugs?

Yes. Our team specializes in all types of repairs for rugs. Some of the most common repairs we make include reweaving, re-stitching, water damage and insect repairs, and more.

Can you clean my rug in my home?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot have a rug cleaned in your home due to space constraints and being able to properly clean the rug. We clean all rugs in our facility and we offer free pickup and delivery of your rug as well.

What can I expect from start to finish?

When you call us, we will come out to your home and inspect your rug and then transport it to our facility. Your rug will then be properly cleaned and dried and then delivered back to your home.


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A dirty rug in your home is not something that you want to showcase but let’s face it, dirt gets on things. If you are looking down at a dirty or stained rug, you do not have to throw it out.

In fact, our team offers professional and affordable rug cleaning in Oyster Bay.

We will handwash your rug for you and we are confident that you will love the way it looks, feels, and smells when we deliver it back to your home.

We never use any machines on your rugs and our team uses only the best products on the market too.

Rug Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that bacteria, allergens, and dirt hide within your carpets and when left for any length of time can dig deep into the fibers and then lead to odors?

Your wall-to-wall carpet provides you with function and comfort in your home, but it does tend to get dirty over time, especially in high traffic areas.

Our team offers the best carpet cleaning services in Oyster Bay. We utilize the best products that are known for leaving your carpets spotless and odorless.

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Have you noticed that your rug is damaged? Maybe there is a hole, a tear, or the fringe is in need or replacement.

No matter what type of damage your rug has sustained, our team is able to assist you and make the needed repairs and restorations to breathe life back into it.

Some of the common repairs and restorations we perform include moth and insect repair, hole re-stitching, fringe replacement, fade and color correction, reweaving, and more.

Our team will take great care of your rug for you.

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