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Knowing about a rug is only half the battle and as you look for a company that can clean yours, make sure that they know what they are doing and understand the fibers in the rug. Too much can go wrong with a rug, so you need someone who is experienced. At Carpet and Rug Cleaning Southampton, we are passionate about rugs and handle each one with the utmost care.

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When it comes to cleaning your rug, no one can beat us. We are the pros and have been rated number one too. Customers continue to choose us because we are dedicated to quality, we offer a good value, and we put smiles on everyone’s faces.

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You should never fear the price to have your rug cleaned and we honestly believe that. We keep our prices low and competitive so that you can have a clean rug in your home. In addition, our team offers wonderful discounts and we can work within your budget too.

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We never use a machine to clean your rugs and we never will. We know how delicate rugs are and the last thing we want to do is let a machine ruin it. We handwash all rugs in our facility and we use the best products and techniques.


Do you offer free pickup and delivery of my rug?

Yes. We offer FREE pickup and delivery of your rug, for your convenience.

The color on my rug is fading. How can I prevent that?

The colors on your rug may fade over time due to being in a high traffic area or due to being in the direct sunlight. To help prevent the rug’s colors from fading, you should keep the rug in a shaded area and rotate it often.

Can you remove pet stains and odors from my rug?

Yes. Our rug cleaning experts are able to remove pet stains and odors from your rug. We use specialized products that actually lift and destroy the enzymes to ensure your rug looks clean and smells fresh once again.


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Rugs, especially those in high traffic areas, are prone to dirt and debris becoming stuck deep within the fibers.
Sometimes, the same rug takes on a smell due to the bacteria in the fibers. Instead of tossing the rug out and looking for a new one, you can turn to our team.

We offer quality rug cleaning services that will remove the dirt, bacteria, and allergens from your rug. We use the best cleaning products and never any chemicals.

We will preserve the beauty of your rug and we are confident that you will fall back in love with your rug.
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Did you know that allergens, bacteria, and dirt can hide within the fibers of your home’s carpet? Yes, the carpet you, your family, and your pets roll around on.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is nice to have in the home because it provides cushion, but it needs to be cleaned regularly.

Our team provides professional carpet cleaning in your home and can leave your carpets spotless and odorless for your enjoyment.

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Rug repair and restoration in Southampton is important because it helps you preserve your rug and keep it for generations.

Repairs and restorations can be both simple and difficult to work on, so it is vital you choose a qualified individual.

Our experts have many decades of experience and have worked on all types of rugs.

We specialize in reweaving, fringe work, re-stitching, adding loops, water damage, color correction, and much more.
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